The first symposium held in 2017 at the AICC



The symposium sought to pursue collective reflection around the general concern on strategies to make the institutional architecture of the African Union (AU) more coherent and efficient. As it has been observed in the report presented by President Paul Kagame of Rwanda and his team of experts, the current institutional framework of AU is “characterised by organisational fragmentation, multiplicity of focus areas, and unclear division of labour between the African Union Commission (AUC), regional economic communities (RECs), other regional mechanisms (RMs) and member states”[1]

It is not possible to address all problematic issues involved in the process of continental integration at one sitting. At this Symposium, therefore, delegates focused on RECs as their object of study. The main concern was how they can bring about more coherence and efficiency into the system.

[1] Report on the Proposed Recommendations for the Institutional Reform of the African Union, by H.E. Paul Kagame, 29 January 2017,

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